About EU
Sea Buckthorn

Our campaign Enjoy organic Sea Buckthorn! It’s from Europe! has two main objectives:

Increasing the awareness and recognition of EU organic Sea Buckthorn products

Increasing the competitiveness and consumption of EU organic Sea Buckthorn products

These objectives will be completed with an adapted mix of digital and traditional communication activities.

There is a great opportunity for EU organic Sea Buckthorn products to access fast growing Third Countries: Switzerland, South Korea and Singapore, bringing health and nutrition value benefices for consumers.

Sea Buckthorn berry is poorly integrated product in daily diets despite nutritional properties.

For this reason, it is considered necessary to value the nutritional qualities of this cultivated crop, the uniqueness of its products and its good effects on environment, to educate about the benefits generated by consumption of the European quality scheme.

Enjoy organic Sea Buckthorn! It’s from Europe! is a campaign created by Bio Cătina Agricultural Cooperative and financed with aid from the European Union.

About Bio Cătina Agricultural Cooperative

Bio Cătina Agricultural Cooperative is one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in Europe that cultivates organic Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamoides L.) fruits to the highest quality standards, on hundreds of acres across Romania.

Bio Cătina Agricultural Cooperative is organic certified for production, distribution and export for Sea Buckthorn products and representative for organic Sea Buckthorn production on the Romanian Market.

With cooperation between producers and within the chain, the European Commission wants to increase the efficiency of the food chain:

  • better transparency
  • better price transmission
  • a fair distribution of the margins in the chain

Bio Cătina Agricultural Cooperative offers an exceptional and constant quality of fruits every year, predictable business conditions and best price-quality ratio in the market. The cooperative sells organic Sea Buckthorn, under Energyne Organic Superfoods brand and promotes Muno BIO brand, in and outside European economical space.

The general objective remains to improve the position of the producers. That is why the European Commission wanted to give this cooperation more legal certainty in the form of producer organizations, associations of producer organizations and interbranch organizations.

Our aim is to generate increase awareness of the merits of EU agricultural and of the high standards applicable to the production methods in the EU, having a collaborative approach.

We will generate benefits for all the supply chain and we will increase the market share of EU agricultural products and certain food products, specifically focusing on those markets in non-EU countries that have the highest growth potential. This will be a boost on both: competitiveness and consumption of organic European products.